Zoozles are creative versions of logo for the site Zizle.net. They appears on holidays, anniversaries of great events, the birthdays of famous artists, scholars etc.

Who creates zoozles?

Our zoozler works on new zoozle creation for the whole days. He combines the features of professional illustrator, talented designer and artist.

How many zoozles are there in the service?

Since 2016 we created 107 zoozles, and their number is constantly growing. If you want to see all our zoozles, please visit the page http://zizl.net/shortlink/zoozles. It is better to check Zizle.net every day in order not to miss the next zoozle!

Who offers the ideas for new zoozles?

All employees of Zizle.net offer their ideas. Every day developers team conducts a conference so that every member can offer his idea for new zoozle

Where is it possible to see ever created zoozles

Zoozles created from 2016 are collected on the page http://zizl.net/shortlink/zoozles. Collection of zoozles is constantly growing, therefore don't forget to look at our site